Agape Transportation Medical Transport   
&   Agape Taxi
We provide a much needed public service
We've been in business for over 3 years
Agape is a Christian owned and operated business
For all questions call 740-537-9400
What We Do:

Agape Transportation  we provide a much needed community service by
providing patients & clients safe - courteous - and punctual, non emergency
transportation to their Doctor appointments, or the hospitals for procedures and
testing, Human services appointments,  and WIC appointments.  We also
provide trips from the doctors office to the pharmacy to fill any needed
prescription* before going on to final destination.

* All medical trips are scheduled by the insurance companies , who must first
authorize and schedule all appointments. They must also "preauthorize" any
trips to the pharmacy to fill any prescriptions. Drivers are restricted from any
"nonscheduled" stops or trips no matter the reason or need.... Except in
emergency situations where the driver can receive immediate authorization for a
3rd leg stop.

We also now have a new division serving the general public at large.....

Introducing :  
Agape Taxi

Agape Taxi services provide a cab service to take you grocery shopping, to the
mall for a hair appointment, or out to dinner.  Got a plane to catch? We'll take you
to the airport and drop you off at your departure gate. (no hassle parking the car
then walking to the terminal)
Agape Transportation LLC
From Here
To There
... Safe
And Sound
Transportation #
( medical appts. ONLY)
Agape Taxi #

Hours of operation
8am - 9pm
Mon. - Sat.
(or by appts.)
Owner  :  Brenda J. Beck

Manager : Charles W. Beck
Taxi Prices :


The Mall  " $6 "

Pitts. Airport  $50

Pittsburgh   $65

Casino's  $40

We go everywhere
make a
today !!