About Our Business

Agape Transportation was founded in Nov. 2007. Brenda and
Charles Beck started their company in a small office off their
residence with 1 minivan and 1 sedan.

The areas where services were provided were limited due the
newness of the company, as well as a limited supply of drivers and
vehicles. At this time the owners "were" the drivers. And being true
to the American dream they continued forward through the long
hours , and long distances traveled on a daily basis.... At the same
time Brenda was working a separate full-time job to support the
family , while Charles devoted his time to the family needs as well
as managing the company.

As the communities need for these services grew so did Agape
Transportation. Soon more drivers and vehicles were added to
encompass the ever growing areas where services were needed,
as well as the added distances required to take patients to further
Hospitals and specialists across the tristate areas.

At the present time Agape has on the road serving the public up to
12 vehicles daily (and growing), based out of  Toronto Ohio, in
Jefferson County.

Primary trips were centered in Jefferson county as only 2 drivers
can handle a minimal amount of trips. But within a short amount of
time passing, as the need for more trips revealed themselves, the
areas of operation grew as new vehicles were added to the growing
fleet, as well as hiring and training drivers  to man these vehicles.

As of today Agape Transportation serves not only Jefferson
County, but also the following counties... Columbiana, Mahoning,
Carroll,  Stark, Portage, Summit, Belmont, Monroe, Washington,
Noble, Guernsey, and all surrounding counties as well. We began
to envision the possibilities as " There is no distance too far, or any
need to small".

Drivers are in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus on a daily
basis. Drivers are even being sent as far as Cincinnati, Marietta,  
and Dayton... Where ever the need of the community may be.

Some transportation providers try to book as many smaller trips as
they can to maximize their income and profitability. This can cause
a patient or client to have to cancel certain appointments due to a
lack of transportation availability. But at Agape Transportation we
chose to never limit ourselves to serving the public, to money, or
miles needed to travel. We try to remain as close to one-on-one
with out clients as possible. Making their trip to a doctor or hospital,
or even a procedure or testing that is needed, a much more
comfortable trip.

Some transportation providers will use larger vans and do "multiple"
pickups and deliveries to cut down on company costs.... At Agape
we try to avoid this whenever possible ( not making it a normal daily
routine ). When a driver picks up a patient / client , they become
their personal driver until they arrive safely back home again. The
passenger is supplied with the personal cell # of the driver, who is
contacted when they are ready to go home, and they greet you at
the same door where they dropped you off... It's that simple. And
simple is how it should be.
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